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Moopies: Where Fun Meets Learning

We are a creative team from Croatia, passionately dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our youngest generations. Through our mobile app 'Moopies', we offer children aged 3 to 7 a unique learning adventure through play. Our game, which combines adorable monsters with knowledge of mathematics, letters, colors, music, and much more, is designed to spark curiosity and learning while playing.
Educational Concept

Teaching Moopies, Learning Together

Moopies game introduces a novel approach to learning, transforming children into educators for their adorable monster friends from outer space. This unique method allows children to learn subconsciously, engaging them in an educational experience without them even realizing it.
Gameplay Loop

An Educational Adventure

Join the 'Moopies' game for an engaging learning adventure where your child teaches their Moopies about subjects like math, letters, and nature. As they progress, unlocking new levels and content, both the Moopies and your child grow in knowledge and skills, making learning an exciting and rewarding experience.
Discovering Moopies
Cute Little Monsters
Moopies, small and adorable monsters, land on Earth, and your child stumbles upon one, ready to teach it about the wonders of our planet!
Teaching Skills Through Adventure
Adventure Time
The child embarks on educational adventures, teaching their Moopy essential skills along the way.
Three Stages Of Evolutions
After their adventure, Moopy gets its own badge and, if they got enough knowledge, evolves! Every Moopy has 3 stages of evolution!
Uncovering New Moopies
Certain adventures may result in finding other Moopies and increasing the class that the child teaches.

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Provide your child with a unique opportunity to learn and grow with our app 'Moopies'. This engaging educational journey is designed to make learning fun and interactive, allowing your child to discover new skills and knowledge in a playful environment. Give them the chance to explore, create, and learn in a way that's as entertaining as it is informative.
Happy Parents

Our Testimonials

Parents who have tested 'Moopies' with their children express their enthusiasm for the game due to its effective and enjoyable teaching approach. Many of them share that they have noticed a positive impact on their children's academic abilities and creative thinking since they started using our app.






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